Chillies anyone…?


…been doodling again. I originally got the idea for this from a jar of chillies which had a drawing of the same on the label – needless to say they were mighty potent. There was much singing of the late great Johnny Cash the next day…

I was going to use it for the fuelmyblog widget competition but it didn’t quite fit the brief. Luckily the WBC has asked me to use it for their next awards scheme. I believe it will be a randomly place endorsement on blogs that have tickled the CEO’s fancy (or have sent a satisfactory fiscal contribution to – a deserving cause that sends much needed funds to bloggers who have bailliff issues).

You’ll be pleased to know that I kept a tight hold on my breakfast this morning and last nights dinner has been and gone without serious incident or further injury – although it may be several weeks before I get the imprint of the loo seat from my tender buttocks. Even buns of steel need a little tender loving every now and then…

I didn’t surf today. I also didn’t manage to mend the electric windows or aircon in my car.
Sure is hot out there…


  1. All this widget clicking of late….I got all excited by that spicy number. I’m crushed. Absolutely crushed….that I couldn’t diddle your new doodle.

  2. The figmented WBC has my full support although I will want it back fairly soon.
    I am concerned about your buns – perhaps a session in the confessional might help.

  3. The ‘figmented’ WBC, dp? The thought of your son eating a vat of fermented figs would send anyone running to the nearest bathroom.

    As far as I’m concerned, the WBC is what the blogworld has been waiting for. Their ‘light touch’ regime can’t come soon enough for me. I’ll be submitting my blog to them in the hope of a new widget as soon as you can say ‘You can’t have enough widgets on a blog’.

  4. I have a feeling you mentioned tender buttocks and buns of steel to solicit rude comments from your bevy of beauties.

    Lizza – we need to stick together and make penfold work a bit harder before we succumb

    that way he’ll still respect us in the morning:-)

  5. Bill – your right. Now is the time for complete complacency. I’m fairly sure your application might be received…
    LL – they’re getting much better thanks…
    Nursie – I don’t know what you’re implying. I’ll respect you no matter what time of day it is…
    Paula – just seen the photos – oooohhh nasty! Take it easy PQ xxx

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