Christmas is coming…

ponsietta, ponsetta, porncetta, whatever

…Jack Frost has been nibbling at my extremities and my goose is definitely on the chubby side. So I’m thinking that it’s time to slip on my Santa flavoured panties, loiter under the mistletoe and get my eggs well and truly nogged.

Yo ho ho.

Meanwhile back on Earth – I’ve been clambering up the learning curve that is Cubase (a music sequencing program), which hasn’t featured in my life since Maggie Thatcher was bopping around number 10 to Kajagoogoo and Atari were dominating the computer race. I’ve been playing with stolen voice samples and some ‘real instrument’ recording techniques ending in something that sounds vaguely like music. Feel free to leave constructive criticism. Unless it’s bad in which case go to my father’s blog and leave it there…


If, for some strange reason, you want to download it then right click on this link and save.

I didn’t surf today but I did hang some jolly green curtains.


  1. Oooo – stereo stuff …… volume balance on Monica’s need attention otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed that and might download onto my [I mean your Mother’s] new iPod Touch ………

    Nice piccy as well …… apart from the logo [I know you’re doing a protective thingy but do try and integrate it into the picture for integrities sake].

    I’ve decided to offer proper and constructive criticism to keep people away from my place ……

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