Chunky knitwear…?


It’s the beginning of the end. I realised a few days ago that I was wearing a brown T-shirt. Now this may not seem like a huge thing, after all there are plenty of perfectly lovely people out there wearing similar garments but I’m fairly sure that it’s the beginning of my rapid decline into middle age.

Sod the random corporal hair growth and cranial follicular evacuation – this is serious.

I distinctly remember hating brown clothes. To me they indicated Portuguese disconnection with the rest of the European fashion industry and/or the demise of any sense of style or tendency toward youthfullness.

I have noticed a gradual muting of my wardrobe in recent years. I used to be fairly flamboyant in my youth – lots of dresswear (tailcoats and waistcoats from charity shops), a fair amount of colourful patchwork (partly due to financial issues) and then a short but glorious venture into the world of Hawaiian shirts. Nice. But these days it’s all fairly earthy – greys, browns and muted blues and greens. I’m sure this says a lot about me and my inner being and I expect a ‘vesticolorologist’ would have plenty to say on the matter…

So there you have it – I’m nearly dead. All because I put on a brown t-shirt… nuts. Next thing you know I’ll be having my tattoos lazered, tossing away my piercings and wearing chunky knitwear…

I didn’t surf today – I’ve decided that I’m far too grown up for all that nonsense.


  1. Au contraire. Living in the foothills as you do, you are obviously unaware that brown is currently very fashionable. Strange but true. Just think, at least it’s not that baby’s nappy colour, also beloved by the Portuguese.

  2. Penfold it happens when you least expect it, it creeps up. It happened with me not so long ago where I suddenly found brown was cool! My school uniform was brown so I vowed never ever to wear it again… but something happened I know not what and I am now looking at tan, brown, beige shoes and accessories to match what I am wearing …………… oh F !!

    (oh you are scaring me now as I had on my wall as a teen along with Donny) a full length poster of Starsky in that very same cardi)

  3. Nothing Ma. You know how I love slipping into an Aaron sweater..
    Nursie – I am intrigued. I must have details..?
    Ms Teen – somehow the cardi suits a man with a tight perm but for a man with my sparse cranium…?

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