Complaints department…


…I received a complaint from a reader yesterday that the post frequency at Papersurfer has been teetering on the minimal. This is true – no denial can be made. There are several reasons for this gradual slide into blogging obscurity and none of them warrant an apology, retraction or excuse of any kind. I believe that over-posting during times of bloggers block can lead to a nasty condition known as direbloggerhea

…and nobody wants that.

All I can say to the good for nothing, layabout, ‘my life’s a beach’ surf bum that had the audacity to whinge at me like a big pink girlies blouse (made from polyester probably) because other people on the planet have to get up before lunch and work for a living so sometimes don’t have the energy or the inclination to be charming and witty every night just for your amusement is…

…save a wave for me mate – I’ll be down at the weekend…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. why is it that when you wear underwear to die for the only thing you pull is your hamstring getting out of the taxi home and the very night you wear “ahhh thats nice i can breathe” knickers you meet the man of your dreams who promises you total ruination

    just wondered

    hope thats filled up some blogspace and kept your mate happy !!!! xxxxx

  2. Teeny – do they do a correspondence course for that…?

    Miss Bravo – never a truer word spoken. I shall take that advice and heed it well methinks…

    Miss UDH – have you ever considered starting your own blog…? x
    PS – I quite like big knickers. Oh and tiny ones. Any knickers are good actually…

    Ms Park – room under that rock for two…?

  3. for a minute I thought I was in trouble…I did mention something about loading up taking to long didn’t I ?…we can all learn from your wisdom Penfold 😉

  4. Bleedin’ grammar police – been plaguing me my entire life. Just can’t seem to get rid of them…

    [thud] ooh nice rock. Funfur? Does that vibrate…? Nice… [thud]

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