Conversationally brief…

(on the rather lengthy subject of ‘mad women in our lives’ this conversation has been hugely edited for our own safety)

AD – if I wanted to mess with her mind I’d pop round for a cup of tea and hide her keys…

Me – …did you ever visit my granny…?

Wolfboy (having recently returned from Les Montagnes) – …I wouldn’t. I’d pitch up on a Saturday morning asking her where the kids were as it was my weekend to have them…

AD – …but you don’t have kids!?

Wolfboy – that’s right…

I didn’t surf today.

11 Replies to “Conversationally brief…”

  1. did say it was the women that were mad..yes …oh…ok.

    I am running away with my guitar and wetsuit so going to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year now, and proper hippy love n peace to all.
    Barking Barbara xxxx

    i will be trying to surf 😉

  2. Hmmmm… So men really DO make conscious efforts to scramble our circuits. That’s not to say some folks don’t deserve it… The ‘phantom children’ technique shall go down in the archives as rather brilliant, however. Bravo!

  3. Hey Laura – men aren’t bright enough to scramble an egg let alone an entire mind – but I’m sure they’d like to think they could.
    I agree about the kids thing though – an inspired moment of cerebral skulduggery from the Wolfboy.

  4. bla, bla!
    what ever!
    this is his royalement altesse Sir El dudelrinjo!
    of fu** cold germa-land
    i just want to wish ya F**** of *** a f*** great X-mas and a f**** great new year! :)))))
    i just work my ass out here. NO! i dont work with my ass! thanks for that.
    the job is nice and this advertising agency is big.but everybody is nice and funky!
    i will be back in portugal at the beginning of febr. i think so.

    and i will take care of ya asses from the beginning of april.
    the ideot is back in town then.
    because with out me, you boys just gona “bang” beautiful girls.

    sir el dudelrinjo

  5. Sir El Dudelrinjo – it’s nice to see that the cold air in Germaland hasn’t affected your mental stability. Looking forward to your return – don’t let them Germalanders recruit you into their sleeper agent program! Have a good Christmas and New Year too… xxx

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