Convolution part 2

(…please see previous post)

Of course I’ve never been one to follow advice (good or bad) so the possibility of me prattling on in a deranged manner with absolutely no discernible facts or points of interest eminating from this particular repository of minutia is, as always, quite high…

However, I would like to point out (assuming you got this far down the page before clicking ‘close’) that I am completely aware of the drudgery involved in trawling through blogs with endless monotribal effluential spoutings. So my advice to you (the reader of such floundering trivia, as proved by your continuing presence at this late point in the proceedings) is to go elsewhere for your internet based titillations. If, conversely, you love filling your capacious noggin with a wiffling load of random old nothingness – then by all means read this post as many times as you like.

Personally, I’m going for a lie down in a dark place…

I still haven’t surfed today.


  1. But…but…I get some of my awesome titillations right here (especially when you use adult words like “convolution” and “capacious”…ooohh)

    And I don’t click the close button to navigate away from here; I click on my bookmark. Oh, wait — that’s the same thing, isn’t it?


    1. Clicking on his link is like stepping into the abyss. Feel free to be titillated in this region at any point LL… x

      1. I agree. With at least one of you and possibly both. There are things that he needs to hear and I may be the man for the job…

  2. Of course that would have been a much better post if there had been a pretty picture attached to it ….. shall I send one of my feet? [obviously not one of my actual feet – that would be silly]

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