Cute enough for you…?


…so Kevin and Sylvie are running a cute kids competition on fmb‘s very own our blog.

This is not an entry into that competition as the prize (offered by The cute kid) seems to be a huge 16″x20″ family portrait, printed on canvas – and quite frankly I’d rather have some week old roadkill stapled to my wall than see Daddy P leering over me whilst trying to eat my cornflakes in the morning…

But I did find a few old photos of Dylan when he was all small, pudgy and cuddly – before he became all lanky, scrawny and cuddly. He’s well gorgeous aint he…?

I didn’t surf today. I do seem to be going on a trip tomorrow though… 🙂


  1. Surely not packing for a trip down memory lane?

    Cute doesn’t do these photos justice … and for someone who is allergic to most children, that is saying a lot … well gorgeous indeed 🙂

  2. cut to the chase and just rename him “heartbreaker, jr”… goes by fast. my little sk8r boy (who was my ‘baby monkey’ before that) is now about 6” taller than his old lady.

  3. Ah Daddy – bless your little cotton socks. Packed? Hmm well it’ll probably be raining so I may need a brolly…

    Thankyou Tango – I share the same allergy. Luckily I managed to have a hypoallergenic child…
    (PS – very excited now x)

    So Ms Daisy – either he’s really tall or you’re really small…?

  4. Sylvie – would you take this risk of having a portrait of Daddy P on your wall…?

    Miss UDH – flying direct but I’ll take a raincheck on that tea… x

    Hey Twinny – well mine are still as soft as a new born. All men should moisturise…

  5. Penfold, I know it is a scary thought! But I can assure you that I will personally oversee the whole event…I am having a goddess meeting later this week and can assure you DP will be kept at large!!!!

  6. Hi Penfold……he is just delightful what a cozy picture…..sorry not been around lately…threw a glass of red wine into La Laptop hmmmm Nice to catch up with your blog….I hope the recipient of your valentine card snogged you till you fainted through lack of oxygen….nothing like a good long sexy kiss. ENOUGH….

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