Dear Mum…

Dear Mum,
– today I did something really bad.
I couldn’t find my work boots so I used your wellies to do some concreting.
To save you the time and energy I am just about to go and lock myself in my room. I’ve also taken the liberty of borrowing one of your slippers to spank myself with when I haven’t apologised appropriately by teatime.

6 Replies to “Dear Mum…”

  1. Now, think this through very carefully. What size are the feet that belong to the terrible Goddess?
    What size are the feet that belong to the alpha male [me]? Whilst wearing said wellies were you able to walk?
    Now do some addition.
    They were my bloody wellies – my favourite wellies – the only wellies that I really care for – more than anything.

    I don’t mind though.

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