Digital needles

This is the first instalment of digital mixing from the Aphrodisiac workshops. A moochy, groovy blend of deep house with some dub disco undertones possibly suitable for some recreational culinary activities.

I’d probably make pancakes to this mix- maybe wearing a small, floral pinafore and some pink rubber gloves. I would – but I have no eggs.

This pinny sure feels good though…

Tracklist is as follows (all MP3 mixed with digital decks)

  • Groove for the main room by Peter O
  • Touch the sky by Penfold on Aphrodisiac
  • Groove cocktail by Nathalia on Pierogi records
  • Nuvex-U on Four Peas recordings
  • Final Dream by Mata and Mike Richardson


    1. I’m probably a bit over the whole ‘poof’ thing by now but if you want to keep on flogging it then by all means, drone on old man…

  1. As i remeber you wear a small, floral pinafore and some pink rubber gloves to do most things; cooking, rendering, roofing and surfing. I just wish you would wear something else too.

    let me hear you now” do your balls hang low, do the wobble to and fro tra le laaa………..”

  2. but i am in disguise, like the gay blade, here one minute gone the next ( just the gentle waft of channel no 1 lingering in the air)

    1. The strange thing is that I have the power to delete these comments and yet somehow I find that I can’t. I need to have a word with myself…

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