Disaster count : zero.


Paula (Queen of all things piratey and surf mom extraordinaire) put me onto wavetoon. Very nice Herge-esque illustrations and a chance for you all to brush up on your Brazilian Portuguese. They are looking for someone (with greater linguistical skills and more spare time than I) to help with some English translations of their captions, so if you get the chance have a quick looksee…

So, I’m sure my clients will be pleased to know that I’m back at the Grindstone and all is well. The boys didn’t remove any walls, set fire to the roof, flood the basement or do any damage to themselves or the house in my absence. I love them all dearly and will be instigating early morning group hugs (before the bodily odour emission becomes an issue) with quality one on one moments scattered throughout the week. I shall take each aside for a few minutes for reassurance, personal guidance and a good bollocking if they have made any mistakes recently.

We’re not just building a house here, we’re building a team. In fact – we’re building a family.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Me too- Me too. I want to work for you, my present bosses are mean to me; they bite my boob, they scream and cry at me, make me work 24 hours a day, don’t pay me and throw up on me in thanks for my long hard hours.

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