Don’t wait up…

I didn’t surf yet this morning. Got to go now – 6 foot, offshore and clean…


    1. I might shake his hand in a manly way. Maybe a clap on the shoulder if I’m feeling sentimental.
      Speak to you later sugarbritches xxx

  1. hey get off my wave,
    i hope you have a great time i presume your at belial please catch some for me i am having a bad time of it here in Mexico its either well over my head or flat as a witches tit!! (well a flat chested witch that is) plus i ate something bad the other day and Motecuzuma is enjoying his revenge!!!!.
    all the best and i hope you get the best of them

    1. Yoo hoo. Have checked Flymagreira and all seems good (just Erik the Viking and Brando there). The waves have been good but I’ve been rubbish – 5 months is too long to be off games. Hope you find some DB sized waves before you leave (when are you coming home? Are you coming home? We miss you…)

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