Every silver lining…

cactus at sunset

…I’m wasn’t entirely sure what the silver lining was when my Vaio failed to boot up earlier last week – even the cloud was fairly difficult to see at first. There was no fanfare, no explosion or fire. No error message or even a small fizzing noise. Just nothing…

I wiggled and tweaked, I thought laterally, logically and calmly and then I sulked for a while. I eventually came to the conclusion that it was (technically speaking) ‘buggered’. All my photographs, drawings and scribings were lost in the merest moment of anticlimax.

So I did what any self respecting man with a tiny screwdriver would do – I took it to pieces.

So here I sit (several days and several headaches later) with a shiny new desktop computer – proudly sporting the Portuguese version of Windows Vista which (for no apparent reason) hates my monitor, all my software and any attempt to network. I have bodged, sworn, coersed and fiddled and finally all is functioning in a usable manner.

What all this has to do with a photograph of a Prickly Pear – I have absolutely no idea…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. were you able to extract data from the dead-drive? i bought an external drive last year, with every intention of backing things up. it’s still in the package. but hey, it’s a start..

    1. I did, which was a huge relief – all data retrieved and extracted parts fully functioning as a spare drive.
      Backing up is a good habit which I have yet to get the hang of myself…

  2. You didn’t hit it then? How very restrained of you! A good reminder to back everything up! (Ashara plugs in her external hard drive right away!

    1. Welcome to Papersurferland Ms Ashara! The hard drive is safe from harm but the rest looks like it was hit by a bus…

  3. Welcome to my world! Well, not quite! Cos you far too organised and had backed up! – Boring! That’s why you don’t surf! Too busy being a civilised, responsible, techi with a funny beard! Mwah x

    1. Actually been surfing a few times recently – my mojo is gradually losing it’s rusty hue.

      If I had backed up I wouldn’t have had to take the stoopid thing to bits would I?

      Funny beard? Moi…?

          1. (tNb – will send you my patented limited edition bracket reader and translator……. Whoosh)

  4. By some extraordinary coincidence I too decided to dismantle my defuncy laptop last week as well. I wonder if it’s possible that between us we still have sufficient functioning parts to make a whole one.

    p.s. I have a cactus too.

    1. I found a disturbing amount of rubble in mine. Fortuitously, the important bit was still clean (ish).

  5. after my initial reaction of “OH GOD NOT THE VAIO“ (having recently purchased not one but TWO) & commiserating with your vista problems – i thought to myself – maybe you should go surfing…

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