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I’m currently in stage 2 of the NHS (National Health Service) programme called ‘IAF’. This of course acronymises (and paraphrases) the popular phrase or saying ‘if at first you don’t succeed try, try again’…

Trial and error being a well used medical technique bound by all the major laws of science. Having made no difference to my brain weevils (apart from possibly making them slightly irritated) the syphilis/malaria treatment has been shelved in favour of good old fashioned antibiotics, given in a dose that would render an entire aisle of cholesterol busting, probiotic, prebiotic, acidus bifidus riddled yoghurts completely inert. So far the results have been vaguely encouraging with a window of several hours this morning when my cranium didn’t feel like it was erupting.

So I applaud the wizards of modern medicine and their ginormous elephant-sized pills. If it wasn’t for some disturbingly loose side effects I’d jump for joy.

I didn’t surf today. Not much surf in Eastbourne. Ever.


  1. if this doesn’t work? suppose you could cut off your nose… no, wait. that would only spite your face… the weevils are elsewhere… good that there’s a window of hope!

    1. If this doesn’t work I’m going to let my Dad perform a trepanning op with a 1″ speed bore in a hammer drill and insert a wet and dry vacuum cleaner into my skull. That should do it.

  2. If this whole malarkey was precipitated by going up in a plane ,then how about going down a coal mine ?
    Oh sorry ,we had Johnnie ‘major’ and now we have no ‘miners!’
    Good luck with the pills ,the bigger the better i say.

    1. Hey Hugely. Not many coal mines in Serpins. I suppose I could bury myself in leaves and twigs and wait for a few million years…

  3. hey snottbag ill see you next week up north maybe i could trepan for you as well, i dont have a hammerdrill,_ but im sure i have a hammer and a rusty 9 inch nail somewhere that will do just as good a job.
    id rather be a hammer than a nail yes i would
    have a safe journey home

    1. Já chegei a minha lar mas não há neve aqui! So um poucinho em cima de Lousã. Mas é possivel mais pode chegar antes de Natal – espero que sim…
      (Estou doente – mas só na minha cabeça!)

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