Excited and just a little bit scared…

burning skull

…tomorrow afternoon I’m going into a tattoo studio for the first session on the large piece on my back.

Anybody who tries to tell you that it doesn’t hurt – is simply not telling the truth! It really does hurt – quite alot. Dragging vibrating needles through your skin dowsed in ink till you bleed profusely can’t be anything other than painful. So by this time tomorrow I expect to be blubbing my eyes out like a tiny newborn infant – that is of course the sign of a real man…

Why do I do it? Not sure really – I don’t have tattoos particularly to show them off – I’d rather wear a long T-shirt than a classic Aussie ‘wife-beater’. I find people that blare their tats to the world wearing revealing clothes in inappropriate weather just to get their badly drawn flaming skulls out quite peculiar. For me they’re more private – an individual thing for me to have and maybe for others to discover…

The picture I did above is for my mother – so she knows what to expect next time she sees me…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. oohhh! on your back as well,isnt that supposed to be the most painful place to be inked?
    with all those nerves running up your spine,ouch!
    boa sorte!

  2. When I first read: “the picture I did above was for my mother” I had the frightening thought that she was getting one, too!!

    I have to agree that some do freeze for the sake of showing them off – especially young girls with their midriff exposed in winter. Good luck and brace yourself!

  3. hey there! πŸ™‚

    i always adore people who has a tattoo/tattoos! i think it is unbelievably painful, and it needs loads of courage too!

    i cant do tattoo! naah… too painful! but i had my tongue pierced! and, wallaaa! thats it for me! oh, btw… its not painful! at least, compared to tattoo? πŸ™‚

  4. AD – maybe you should try one yourself – oops too late inky boy…

    Lena – I think my mum would look great with a burning skull tattooed across her chest…

    Hey Baby – now I’m thinking that has to hurt as much. I was in a tattoo shop years ago having some work done and there was a guy in there getting his tongue pierced – he was covered in tattoos but when that needle went through he cried like a baby. Put me off somehow…

  5. I have 2! The first was ok, a bit un-nerving as it was my first .. it is mostly black with colours (I call it my stained glass window, it is a wonderful piece of art on my shoulder but the unbelievers see it as a black slug) I had to have it redone as the black faded… F! that was painful, like someone stabbing at a rate of seconds a sharp pin in your body and not stopping and it was explained by my faithful tattooer that it was because the skin was new….
    The second was way ok, nore flesh !
    Now my teen wants me to have her name tattoed on me.. I am looking for a small one on my ankle.. an angel and her name which thank god I had the wisdom to be 3 letters….. I think upon bone will hurt (must add here and it amuses me still my ex had my name tattooed on his arm.. I told him not to do it but hey he did !!)

  6. The only inking I have got is the usual shopping list (bread, milk, loo roll, tea, etc) in biro on the back of my hand. Although now I think about it, my memory is not what it once was, so perhaps a tattoo would be a good idea…..

  7. hey there… again! πŸ™‚

    eh, the thing that putting you off, is the fact that my tongue is pierced, or the thought of having your tongue pierce? confused, somehow… πŸ™

    maybe its too late to still stay awake?! hahaha… still, i thought tattoo is far more painful! but i would like to have a butterfly (small ones) in my back, on the left… but, err… maybe just a thought. πŸ™

  8. You know Paula – i’m thinking the same thing. Maybe my Dad turned her computer off or ‘mended’ it for her…

    Teenyweeny – I think you need to post the slug on your blog. Or at least email it to me. I am intrigued.

    Signor Woppito – you’ll never be a pirate if you keep munching them biccies. Terry Nutkins. Tee hee…

    Baby – I have no problem with you or any other lady having a pierced tongue!
    I have plenty of steel in my face – I just don’t want it through anywhere else!

  9. I always thought the ‘wifebeater’ singlet was from brooklyn? don’t know any aussies that call it that. maybe I should get out more.

    and I don’t remember my tattoo being particularly painful. the nipple piercing was a bit stomach churning but the endorphin rush afterwards was worth it

  10. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting more ink done soon(ish); it’s been about three years since I last endured the process. Must make time to design…

    Good luck this afternoon! πŸ™‚

  11. I was told by an Aussie recently when I accused him of wearing one – ‘Nah mate. This isn’t a wifre-beater – this ones blue…’
    So apparently they have to be white (with coffee or beer stains I imagine)

    Hey Jen – The whole design thing is the fun bit. I’m just about to head off. Eek…

  12. I am afraid I am like you ‘For me theyÒ€ℒre more an individual thing to have and maybe for others to discoverÒ€¦….’ plus how do I explain to my teen ‘hey could you just take a piccie of my tattoo so I can send it over the ‘net to a man !!!!!! ‘erm that could take some explaining I think!!!! πŸ˜‰

  13. I’ve contemplated getting inked for years (since I was 16). But…none for me. My twin however has several large ones on her back….voila I get to live vicariously through her.

    On the pain?…..one artist told me he thought bee stings were more painful than getting inked. Pussy… (tee hee)

    Nursie….I’ve always thought the nipple piercing wouldn’t be any worse (more painful) than nursing a biter? Maybe I’m way off base with that theory….and should rethink any future piercings?

  14. Tweeny – just say it’s for a very nice complete stranger who you’ve never ever met before but is related to someone you know that is a very stable and respected member of the community….?

    Twinnegan – Pussy moi? Certainly not ma chere. As for Nursie dealing with a nipple biter – well I have nothing to say on that matter… x

  15. Oh come on Pen do you think I could carry out that lie?? (stable!…….. respected..?) I am trying to be a ‘good”respectable’ mum here who doesn’t converse on the ‘net with folk !!!!(must say that when I got my 1st tattoo teen was only 5 and she saw me in the shower one day and said ‘oh mum what is that?’ I explained adding ‘but don’t tell Nana’ (my mum) then, bless her, said to Nana ‘my mummy has got a tartan!!’ Battered that one off easily until 5 years later ‘nana’ spotted it and when my mum asked me if it was a real tattoo accompanied with I sincerely hope it is only a transfer & not real.. child piped up ‘oh no nana it is a real one, mummy has had it ages!. (my mum doesn’t know about the 2nd one btw.. how old am I)

    So On a scale 1-10 how bad was this afternoon

  16. How cool! You will have to post a pict of that bad boy on your back. I was told by friends that it does hurt on the back, especially over the spine.

    I got one on my butt (right cheek) and it didn’t hurt as such, but it wasn’t pleasant either. But not enough for me not to go back…soon…

    Can’t wait to see it and hope you recup well.

  17. Well teensy weensy – on the bad scale it was pretty low as strangely I quite enjoy it. At the time (especially in certain places) it really fucking hurts but as soon as they stop it is over and you feel great – unless of course you’ve woken up with a tattoo of Adolf Hitler on your arse. Luckily I am really happy with what he’s done…

    Hey Stinky – I shall post a pic as soon as the red subsides…

  18. Thanks Dad but I’ll get somebody that actually knows which end of a power tool to use. Oh and I like Tweeny’s delightful commentary – she’s nice (nothing to do with the fact that she’s mean to you honest…!)

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