Fin fest…

Fin porn

A fine selection of wave carving tools.

My surfing in the last week has been extremely varied – from Bonsaii surfing in 1 foot mush in Carrapateira that gave us summer giggles to a screaming 8 foot wall at Lagide that has left a lasting impression on my body and my mind (a bruised rib or two to keep me alert at work!).

One of the things I love about surfing is the variety – you can arrive at the beach and be greeted with a warm windless day without a ripple on the water or you could fight your way out of the car into a howling gale with 20 foot monsters crashing into the cliffs. For surfing – something in between is always welcome but the possibilities are endless…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Absolutely, can I have another Mr Ocean sir?
    – it was the biggest set wave I’ve taken this year (I generally prefer ‘playing’ in smaller stuff) I was on my 6’fish which wasn’t holding too well at that speed but it’s a wave I won’t forget for a while (with or without the bruises!)

  2. Do you think the double fins best or the singles or the one’s from Helsinki? Triples are good when the wind is onshore with a rip from the west but then the lead fin gives more stability on the occasion of the tide against current and prevailing wind……. dude.
    I’m getting the hang of this. I’ll carve my way to the kitchen now and barrel a pasta dish ….. yippee.
    Marks out of 10 please.

  3. he YOU! u won’t believe it… me and Nienke are stuck in Lisboa missed our flight! to busy putting on stuff in the taxfree parfume etc.crap store.. NOW LOOKING FOR LUGGAGE.. it’s missing and hope to get some flight back sometime..

    so here i am on some laptop .. thinking of you hahaha ehm read your story… Vortex….. I love it! Stay in touch! love ME

  4. Hey Curly. For some reason I can believe it…
    If you can’t get a flight then give me a call and I’ll come pick you up!
    Say hi to Nienke (if you haven’t lost her!) and I’ll speak to you later. Miss you……. xxx

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