Finishing touches…

It’s the finishing touches that take the time. Whether you are grouting a bathroom, buffing a personal trophy or in my case writing a book. It’s been under construction for quite some time now – all the content is there – I just have to do some minor tweaking and Robert is your maternal parent’s female sibling’s marital appendage.

I won’t spoil things for you by telling you the plot but I’d like to say that there is no murder, very little mystery and a distinct lack of intrigue. It will however be humourous and incisive. Also witty, charming and to some people somewhat intellectually challenging. Updates will be posted…

I didn’t surf today. Nyer..

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  1. You’re writing a book!!!! many questions spring to mind including “when on earth did you learn to write?” ……

    …….. and I don’t like the ‘intellectually challenging’ bit at all …….. oh dear …….

      1. This is a highly disconcerting development in the relationship story arc. I urge you to seek counselling immediately. Or a publisher. Or, alternatively, switch the laptop off immediately and retire to the bedroom for the rest of the day, for sultry, simmering, sweaty session of s…

        Writing a book, you say? Fiction? Or did you just make up a story?

    1. Well (as previously mentioned) Robert is the paternal influence of my mother’s sister’s offspring. Or my father’s. Or neither. Just a bloke that comes round a lot and ends being ‘uncle’ Bob for no apparent reason until somebody sees him doing something slightly dubious with next doors pet goat and then nobody ever talks about him again… x

  2. Hooray! Go, Mr Penfold, go!
    I’m trudging through the second draft of my novel from NaNoWriMo. I get the feeling I might be turning the previously impossible 50,000 words into much, much more! This may even be achieved by keeping a fraction of the original ones! Funny how that can happen! 🙂

    Much luck and inspiration to you, sir!

    1. Not only will I be trying to but I actually will be publishing it!
      The trick with writing long things is to write lots of small things and stick them together.
      Well that’s how I’m doing it…

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