Fire season…

fire season

There was a fire at the bottom of my track yesterday. It filled the house with smoke and was close enough to make me start getting nervous. The local Bombeiros were all over it within minutes and the fire was out in less than half an hour.

No danger really but enough to get the heart going and start me thinking about what I’d rescue. Dylan’s safe in England, my truck is parked at the beach with my boards in it. I have the usual stuff – clothes, music, TV, camera, computer and stereo. But what did I really care about? Not much to be honest…

A box of photos and my guitar maybe. Oh and the big bag of cash under my mattress.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Thanks Nursie – it’s vaguely based on the hills behind my house during the mad fires from a few years ago. It was like living in a warzone – always helicopters going over head and fires in every direction.
    Just doodling in photoshopland again…

  2. Last night….from my parents back yard….I watched a helicopter transport bucketloads of water. Back and forth…..fighting the fires surrounding the valley. It’s the dry season….

  3. Nmm – it’s a scary time of year…
    Sorry Mum – of course the first thing I’d pack would be your favorite pillow cases and the woodstove…

  4. and the fish painting, the pine dresser base and the little blue lamp with the white shade, the wooden pig and the big pine coffer. I don’t mind about the pillowcases.

  5. I was in a similar situation in Corsica one year, very scary, we had to sleep in the town hall and came back to find the fire had come very near to our house!…time to cut branches down!!!
    Good luck!

  6. The picture is really great! The threat of fire is scary though – it makes me sad to try to think about what I would need to rescue. If the dogs and my daughter’s rabbit were already safe, it might be the camera, my photos, and my grandparents’ love letters. Everything else can be replaced.

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