Free at last…


Well the day has to come when your cute ickle baby bird becomes a big spotty manly bird and you have to boot his ugly arse out of the homestead. Years spent nurturing and loving seem to be thrown back with no gratitude or grace. I gave him everything I had – my love, my knowledge but there has to be a moment when you just let go…

Today is that day.

Daddy Papersurfer has come of age – his slot on the guest page wasn’t enough to satiate his thirst for blogging freedom. He is now a man possessed – not by greed or lust, he doesn’t want power, fame or fortune. He just wants to write a constant stream of drivel whenever the fancy takes him.

So now he has wings and his own URL – fly away little bird – fly. But watch out for those kittens…

Daddy Papersurfer

I didn’t surf today. (Did I mention the surf convoy?)


  1. is there another papersurfer to make it up to a trifector? how about that ten year old you mentioned? three generations blogging would be cool

    I couldn’t comment on daddy P’s blog. my authentification failed 🙁

  2. I’ve been grooming Dylan to be the world’s youngest blogger… but he’d rather play nintendo.
    (Will look at the comments on Papasmurfer tomorrow)
    Now – you were telling me about your norks…

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