Frozen flush

frosty fern

A general misconception that we are all swanning around in bikinis, surfing and drinking large fruity cocktails down here during the winter months must surely be dispelled. Not only do we have to wear woolly hats and thermal knickers but at times we have to suffer from ridulously pretty frost formations adorning the local flora (see flickr pages) and occasionally having to unfreeze the toilet waste pipe (lavatory if you live in Sussex).

The latter is best avoided as the situation can (and did) develop into a rather sordid affair if flushing occurs before defrosting takes place.

I didn’t surf today. I was busy lagging my pipes.


  1. heinous beauty! the horror… the HORROR!

    sympathy on the toilet woes… nothing places you firmly on planet earth like a sanitary disaster. bet it doesn’t freeze quite so pretty. no photos, please…

    1. Lemon trees seem to fare okay. I suspect a few orange trees may be a tad ‘burnt’ in the next few weeks. I’ll be able to get my snowboard out soon…

  2. I was trying to eat my breakfast whilst reading this ………….then i read a line about Daddy papersurfers` plumbing,it put me off my banana porridge !
    But as its 20 degrees C first thing in the am here ,maybe i should go for a LFC for brekkie instead.
    LOL Hugeypoohs xx
    PS the water just got to 21 degress,nice.

    1. Hi Huge – if you’re trying to make me jealous it’s working very nicely! Lagide looked fab yesterday but I’m still landlocked (brain weevils are bastards). Boo. x

  3. the mental images of you in a) a bikini, b) thermal knickers and c) dealing with a backlog (almost literally) have put me into therapy and i will be sending you the bill. However i will knock a bit off for giving us such a beautiful picture. 😉
    keep warm, i am sure you two know how xxxxx

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