Go ahead ask me…

…absolutely anything. Obviously a simple surfing query would be just dandy but I will answer anything. Any subject – nuclear physics, international ice figure skating even domestic science (haven’t you ver wondered how Daddy P gets his whites so white…?)

All enquiries should be posted here at the fuelmyblog forum Ask Penfold anything section and will be answered at the weekend on fmb‘s very own our blog.

I didn’t surf today. Tomorrow’s looking good though…


  1. Thanks again for the clarity of thought with which you launch head on into the really difficult topics like `where is my other half?`
    It is rather like the way you approach most things,and since you seem so annoyingly good at most things, i see no reason why you should not be good at such trivial matters as `where is my other half?`
    PS As to MY question;`where is my other half too?` PPS I am impressed by your recording and am indeed moved to go to my studio and get out my double bass or maybe my new fender bass and lay down a funky groove to offer as an embellishment but as i am again living in a small van on a beach i shall await my return to civilization aka Piha,NZ .
    Bye bye xx

  2. Okay here’s one – no matter how bad things seem Ray L always makes it feel better – how the devil does he do that, speak to your soul and calm it down that way. Music that says ‘there there, everything will be alright.’
    My second question (hope we are allowed two) which is the superior late night snack marmite on toast or peanut butter and salad cream on toast. Deep stuff brother, take yer time. x
    no smartie jokes this time thank you either – smartarse 🙂

  3. Huwj me old fruit – a very good question. I shall deliberate with the utmost caution. Hmm bass activity is definitely needed (can you bring a crap guitar to Srl Lanka – just a thought…?). xxx

    Ms UDH – a fine brace of interrogatives. I can’t believe you still eat peanut butter and salad cream (Dylan loves it he he) we must be the only freaks in the universe that like it. Anyway no smarties just good solid answers to solid probing questions… x

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