…I received a loverly present in the post yesterday from some loverly people.

It is the new DSLR/zoom sized Gorillapod for people with large … er … camera extensions. My camera can now climb mountains, hang from trees and eat bamboo for days on end.

Taking the photograph was somewhat vexing but with the use of several mirrors, an industrial sized prism and few short hours constructing a rudimentary framework I managed this final shot.

I didn’t surf today. Surfing is for girls.


        1. Of course if you attach a webcam to it and put a laptop in a rucksack and strap that on them – you’ll know what they’re up to at all times.


  1. tell us…how long did it really take to attach it to your camera?…and…why is it not tied to a tree?
    just wondering for my own purposes that’s all…:)

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