Grudge match


If you ask a German any more than a few years younger than myself about world conflicts in the 20th century you’ll mostly be met with a blank face. If you ask them specifically about the year 1966 they might ask if Elvis was born around that time (for anybody non-English 1966 was the last time England won anything of note, apart from Mrs Edith Winthrop winning the Bingo at Chudleigh village hall in 1972).

The way ‘we’ hold on to these moments seems somewhat idiotic after such a passage of time especially in the face of such Global nonchalance. We all know that if any forum thread has devolved into the use of the ‘Nazi’ insult it has officially lost credibilty, so why should it still be acceptable to chant “2 World Wars and 1 World Cup!” at every sporting fixture we go to…?

It was strangely comforting, however, to hear that Daddy Bravo has said on the subject (in his loverly German accent)…

“…finally, after 65 years – ve’ll be settling ze score vonce and for all (und zis time with no help from ze Americans).”

Come on England, let’s smash the Krauts…

I didn’t surf today.

(more photoshoppery can be found by clicking here)


  1. Having lived and worked for six years in the Vaterland, and having acquired a more intimate understanding of German mentality, a little language, and some of the culture, it would be reasonable to assume that I have a more equitable perspective that isn’t moulded and nurtured by a brazen, shallow, tabloid-esque obsession for score-settling with our Teutonic friends who were once enemies, but in reality are very little different from ourselves.

    Reasonable, but entirely wrong. I hope we thrash them 5 – 0 and the entire nation retreats to a small village deep in the Schwarzwald, to adopt their rightful place as serfs to Lichenstein masters, and never to be heard from again.

    1. I think your true feelings were very reasonably deduced. You should have that printed on a T-shirt. Quite a long one..

  2. Morning! Apparently the supermarkets have sold out of tinnies (I believe that’s what the vernacular is) and barbecue thingies: good day to go for a drive – if only we weren’t watching some stchoopid football match.

    (P.S. I’d keep a beady eye on that Frau von Sauerkeraut if I were you.)

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