Harp beat

Somebody asked me recently ‘where’s the bass line?’ (thank you Mrs O)

A salient point – there’s not enough bass lines in the world – especially those big, fat and funky ones.

Here’s one I rustled up in the toolshed – it’s mostly Cubase (with some Albino synth and Moog VST providing the squelchy bits) with a pinch of real harmonica and a smattering of ‘Shannon – Let the music play’. A classic combination best served over a delicately roasted dancefloor.

It’s just a preview and will no doubt get mauled, tweaked and rewritten a Brazillion times…


    1. There will be trumpets – teeny, miniature, pixie trumpets that play unicorn lullabies and fairy serenades that are barely audible to the human ear… x

  1. goodday and happy new decade etc,ta for call avec hangover last month ,unfortunately the number you rang from does not compute.let me know what your current moby is and i shall communicate .
    but on a more serious note ,about your bass line ………..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.i am not convinced ,the rest of your track is great and it did need a bass line but i suspect it would sound better with an upright bass ,fender jazz bass or even a bass kalimba .i am fortunate to have all the above as well as cubase … soooooooooo send me the track without the bass line and i will try and get a bass line to you soonish.If ya want one that is.
    i am off to parihaka festival in a few days to see fat freddy drop,samanella dub etc ,but most importantly we have a posse of us going and its 5 minutes inland from stent road right hand point break,nice.Anyway its a bit hot and i must retreat to the water,bloody el nino year down here though and surf is cack in piha,10ft and onshore …still.still raglan and shippies are going off!
    keep up the good work and stay warm mate,love to dylan and tanya.
    Huw xxxx

    1. Huge old bean. I will send you those files. I shall endeavour to call this weekend at some point too. Hope all is groovy – it surely is about time we were on the same side of the planet for a while…

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