Hat thief warning…


A brief warning to all wearers of stylish head gear. It seems that somewhere in Europe there is a dastardly deed doer at large.

May I draw your attention to the photograph above. Note the casual excellence of my cranial coverage – the sleek lines, the perfect shade allowance. It’s function and form combining beautifully to create the ultimate in head protection. A man of my follicular count needs a hat.

Now it is gone. Stolen. Taken with no mercy .

Let it be known that I, Penfold the surfer of all that is Paper will not stop until justice is done. I will search every mountain and valley. Every beach and every forest. Every coat hook in the hallway….

Ah nuts! It looked better on her anyway…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Someone stole your hat?

    Death to the scoundrel…

    I here by declare a Royal Queen of the Surf Pirates fatwa on this dastardly dude (or dudette) and all of their descendants: may they never catch another wave, may a thousand jelly fish slowly sting them for eternity and anyone from this point on has the right to drop in on them any place they may surf.

  2. Don’t mess with Queeny father o mine! She is a force to be reckoned with…
    I’m not sure that my dad could book us in for demi-wave at the local hairdresser but we could certainlty ask!

  3. You’re avoiding the question – have you looked down your pants? You know how much room there is in there.
    I’m not afraid of the Surf Queen [so long as the Atlantic is protecting me].
    Ha ha, I just stuck my tongue out at her and blew a raspberry – I know no fear!

  4. And let it be known that I, Goddess of all that is Terrible will never buy Gouda again. That’ll larn’em.

    I was hoping you’d leave me that hat in your will, bother.

  5. Yes.. Great so now I am Cursed! I had several people dropping in on me already, yesterday! A yellyfish stang me and there was molt on my Gouda Cheese. Great!

  6. Noor – I hope the powers that be at the Very Important International Project Bureau know that you’ve been leaving work to go and get dropped in on and stung by jellyfish… xxx
    Mum – as for clog wilt – that’s just plain nasty! (I think I had that once – a good steroid cream clears it up in no time though…)

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