Here to eternity…

People assume that life in the mountains of Portugal is somehow exotic and mysterious – a heady blend of cheap vinho, ambling donkeys and a stout woman called Mafalda wandering past with a basket of laundry on her head. Of course at times this may be true but for the most part it is just life, normal and unextraordinary.

My existence for many weeks has been a cyclic routine of building site fun, sofa based atrophy and an intermittent sleep pattern. This may explain my lack of blogging, surfing and indeed hair follicles.

Apparently it is unwise to grumble in these turbulent times of Global financial uncertainty – people are losing their jobs, families are losing their homes and the very fabric of the civilised world is starting to fray and tear beneath our home-darned socks.

So I shall not moan as I drag my aching bones from my bed and head to work once again but it would be nice to spend eternity snogging a babe* on the beach rather than mixing tile cement and grout…

I didn’t surf today.

*for babe read Tango (grrr)


  1. Every time I grumble about the retail job, I stop and think that I’m actually lucky to have it. We get at least a dozen people trying to drop off CVs every week.

    I’d still rather be doing something else though… (I’m getting there, slowly but surely.)

    Updated pics of your building progress soon?

    1. As we have to move in 2 weeks I’m hoping to post some ‘finished’ pictures. Highly unlikely but with some cunning angles and a bit of Photoshoppery…

  2. The satisfaction you’ll feel when all is done will swell your heart with pride and make you feel grand!

    Unfortunately, there’s always something else to do …….. I fear there is little hope ……

    So, in conclusion, don’t bother fighting the overwhelming sense of oppression and depression, embrace these feelings and actually fear things getting better …..

    [DP Pep Service available on demand – you’ll find me on the sofa]

    1. Well, there’s always something to do after you’ve been doing building work. Like doing it again. You’d find me on the sofa – if we had one…

    1. I dream about cement and kitchen worktops. So you’d be right there! Aren’t you late for work? So am I… x

  3. You’re very welcome to the sofa/collection of pointy springs & horsehair you’ve been using…….

    Umm, sorry – just remembered I’m supposed to say something sympathetic…. um……um…….um………… nope, nothing comes to mind.
    I’ll think it

    1. We’ve tried to buy a sofa this week but they all seem to be designed by footballers wives. So no joy as yet…

  4. you’re building your own home. foundation to roof, windows to walls. how cool and amazing is that? i suppose i could build a home of sorts…. maybe out of beer cans or something…

    1. It is very cool and amazing. Not nearly as cool and amazing as a house made from beer cans you should follow your dream…

  5. uh sorry dude (i also snogged on the beach & just watched surfers) – hope it’s all done before the summer is out & you & your asterisk can get back to the fun stuff!!


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