Hidden meaning…


…I was doodling again and realised that this drawing may confuse some people who cannot fathom the hidden meaning behind this rather momentous piece of art.

I could regurgitate a montribal spew using words like juxtaposition, unrealised potential and dichotomous tension.

But in the end it’s just a naked man in a spotlight with a banana hanging over his head (you can see it full size at my flickr page).

I didn’t surf today.


    1. I can’t tell a lie (most times) … I confess, I AM addled. *sigh*

      DaddyP don’t need hunting down and addling. He’s “gifted” that way already.

    1. No excuse T. Don’t let that monocled old halibut twist your arm. I’ll have a word next time I see him in the ‘Flamingo Lounge’…

  1. Is there someone on the end of a fishing rod who is going to yank the banana away when he wakes up, posing the question ‘does our snoozy fellow know there is a banana there at all?’ ?

    1. Have you ever tried to dangle an orange from a rope? Very bloody difficult I can tell you. No wonder it’s a banana up there…

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