Home again, home again…

orange glass

Due to extended exposure to big, wobbly, drunken people in an enclosed environment followed by 11 hours of driving a large truck through the heat of Spain. I have nothing to say.

Here is a doodle I was playing with whilst locked in my cabin. I may well turn it into a wallpaper and upload it to Wincustomize later this week for downloading…

Nice to be home. I think.

I didn’t surf today.

14 Replies to “Home again, home again…”

  1. Big, wobbly drunken people? Sounds like me on one of my better days.

    What does that doodle signify, pray tell? You had a mutant orange?

  2. Lizza – it’s a metaphor for life – showing us that even the most simple thing in our world can have a strange and beautiful meaning within. Nothing should ever be taken for granted as the paradox of this surrealist dicotomy shows us.
    (Yeah right – I just thought it looked pretty!)
    Hi PQ! Thanks hun…
    DP – you’re not now?

  3. I like that doodle. Gives me a feeling of having to peel the fruit to get to the sweet part. ie…never judge a book by its cover. But what do I know….

    Welcome home.

  4. Hey Zed – didn’t see you all the way up there.
    My mother always told me not to put things in my mouth if I didn’t know what they were…
    Where’s the fun in that?

  5. That is a pretty sweet graphic. Did I see you send up a test post from Flickr? I’m going to have to add you there too so I don’t miss the great photos I am sure will follow.

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