How many dead blogs does it take?

How many dead blogs will it take to kill us all?

I watched a documentary the other night about the state of the blogiverse.

There are, apparently, 1.2 billion blogs out there of which 95% are ‘dead’ (ie no activity for 3 or more months). This doesn’t even take into account the non-English speaking blogs – there are also over 73 million Chinese bloggers just for starters…

So if the average blog uses up half a GB of disc space and there are 1,073,741,824 bytes in a gig (assuming the use of gigibyte being 1024 to the power of 3 and not gigabyte being 1000 cubed) and there are 95 x 100/1,200,000,000 dead blogs (English speaking only) that means that there are 1,073,741,824 x 95 x 100/2 x 1,200,000,000 bytes of forgotten information in dead blogs. Also take into account the billions of archived posts in active blogs, unread undiscarded emails, undeleted spam, really rubbish porn that nobody watches and the contents of Then that means that there is exactly and definitively quite a lot of wasted space out there.

People think that this is okay – digital information has no physical presence and can therefore do no harm to this beautiful planet of ours. But those brazillions of bytes are all taking up valuable disk space that is manufactured by tiny hands in hot countries and powered by electricity produced by ripping gaping holes through the ozone layer.

So in conclusion – to save Mother Earth and all of humanity:

  1. You must delete all your spam.
  2. If you have a ‘sad’ porn site that nobody visits – take it down.
  3. And, most importantly if your blog is full of rubbish that nobody reads – delete the lot. Right now. You know who you are…

I didn’t surf today. Meh.

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  1. laptop died monday. car crash tuesday. lost will to live after the discovery of vast blog waste in the ‘sphere wednesday. scotty beam me up on thursday, please.

    1. A good week then? We’ve had a few technical hitches of late too. Nothing that can’t be superceded by other disasters though… x

  2. Died 3 years ago and to be reborn just seems like to much work. Is it OK to be dead or am I wasting space?

    ps. I’ve got no spam, porn or anything to read!

    1. Greetings Dom. Being dead is fine – at least it keeps you off the streets.

      Liking the Mooush experience btw…

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