i before e

i before e

  1. 1,246 screws
  2. 722 pieces of timber
  3. 36 litres of cuprinol
  4. 47 sheets of polystyrene insulation board
  5. 1,438 roof tiles
  6. 2 splinters
  7. 1 mystery bruise on my left elbow

…the final result being a roof (and a ceiling depending on where you’re standing) – a huge psychological barrier broken and protection from sun and rain to continue the work inside.

More photos (inside and out) can be found here.

I didn’t surf today. I may need a break though…


  1. Yahoo!! Bravo!! Yippee!! Yeehaw!! Huzzah!!

    This calls for a happy bubble kitchen dance … maybe even some Boney M …

    The roof looks amazing! Heck, even AD looks amazing! 😉

    Oh happy days! See you soon … xxx

    1. Thanks gorgeous (you’re right AD does look amazing in a gas mask!).

      Are you here yet? Do I have to go to the airport yet? Huh do I, do I? xxx

    1. Feel free Ms Twinny but watch out for splintery bits in those office-soft hands of yours!

      Ooh surfing? That’s a fine idea! Might have to go do a bit myself…

  2. That tNb knows a lot of ‘y’ words don’t she.

    Well done, Son. Mommy’s proud of you! But I make it 1,249 screws and there’s a small patch of bare wood, just up there – look – on the left of that other bit……….

    1. It’s the light (erm – I hope) and I used the other 3 screws for staff encouragement device manufacture…

      1. ‘staff encouragement device’ – could you send me the instructions for that, I can think of something I can use it for………

  3. That sure is a lot of screws. Get some more bruises, preferably in strategic places, for Tango to kiss and make better. 😉

    Love your new site!

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