I can’t remember…

kissing in the rain

…the last time I sent a Valentines card – not because I don’t agree with the commercialisation of yet another religious/pagan/historical character or event or because I have some inate fear of expressing my innermost emotional turmoil through the medium of cardboard – I just haven’t met anyone over the last few years that’s blown any smoke up my skirt…

But life has a knack for throwing things around corners when you’re really not looking up. I ‘drew’ the picture above as my first ever e-Valentines card. The recipient is exceedingly smart, very funny and utterly gorgeous and I hope she likes snogging at bus stops in the rain…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. She’s a very lucky girl, your valentine … although that girl in the picture looks like a bit of a hussy …

    PS — it’s a loverly card 🙂

  2. You crazy boys!
    Just stop flirting with me like that and find your own Valentine. Oh and Dad – put your trousers back on – it’s unseemly a man of your age with knees like that with no slacks on…

  3. well you are exceedingly smart, very funny and utterly gorgeous so you may have found the other pea for your pod, lucky girl – and if not it rains quite a bit here and the number 34 is always obliging late – i’ll be waiting…xxxxx

  4. you draw that?
    its very nice!

    i just think ya got some kilos more on ya ribs in real, than on the painting. :))
    and think ad dress normaly more in pink up.
    blue is not his colour. it doesnt fit with his eyes.

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