I love a challenge…

quinta da cabril

My new house – I’ve posted a few more ‘before’ photos at flickr. I must be stone cold bonkers – I’ve just spent the best part of ten years working on (or working for the money) to rebuild a pile pf rocks. Then I go and buy an even bigger pile.

It is right by the river though – next to a beautiful gorge with a perfect swimming lagoon. There are worse things to do with the next ten years… I think.

I didn’t surf today. Thursday night – oh yes.

13 Replies to “I love a challenge…”

  1. Nursie – why constrain ourselves to just one room?
    Ola Pinguim – e verdade a veranda era bonita mas a nova vai ficar muito melhor (espero que sim…) Bjqns

  2. Sylvied – already sorted (I use a connect code that works on the mobile network)
    Ma – I know but I saved the bit with 1952 stamped on it for posteriority.

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