I surfed today…

Penfold surfing at Tonel


  1. where the f**** is the pic from the sexy germalander? 😉
    thanks mates for passing by, or out on sat.night!
    it was nice to see ya!
    Mr. El Dudelrinjo

  2. Hey Mr El Dudelrinjo – if you go to my flickr page you’ll find plenty of you there. It was proper good fun – don’t let the Germalanders keep you there too long. Auf wiedersein pet… x

  3. i like the three different shades of blue in this pic…and your bottom of course my dear. glad you are feeling better. xx

  4. I’m glad that everyone is finding my arse amusing this morning. I must buff it more regularly.

    Tweeny – for you my elves are available free of charge…

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