I thought I was feeling a bit mental…

partial eclipse (16th Aug '08)

…then I looked up and saw this partial eclipse of a full moon – fantastic.

Obviously it was down to planetary alignment and my lunar phase susceptability quotient. Er yup. Definitely that.

I love my camera. You can see this photo full size if you click this link.

I haven’t surfed today yet. Looks offshore at ‘Secrets’ though (shhh! don’t tell anyone)…


    1. Thankyou Ms Betty and welcome. Has DP been giving Zachary drawing lessons – they have similar style…?

  1. Did you spot Jupiter sidling up to the moon in the last week… so bright I thought it was Mars or Venus until corrected by a more erudite friend. Apparently it’s a good omen for surfers… 😉

    1. I missed that astronomically occurence. I expect I was being distracted by random sleep patterns and nocturnal code meanderings.
      (erudite? you can get a cream for that I think…)

  2. Okay when everybody has finished playing with all the little boxes can you all go and do something useful somewhere? Thanks…

      1. Find your own boxes to play with you old duffer. Got to go to work now – remember that concept? Remember anything…?

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