I thought I was feeling a bit mental…

partial eclipse (16th Aug '08)

…then I looked up and saw this partial eclipse of a full moon – fantastic.

Obviously it was down to planetary alignment and my lunar phase susceptability quotient. Er yup. Definitely that.

I love my camera. You can see this photo full size if you click this link.

I haven’t surfed today yet. Looks offshore at ‘Secrets’ though (shhh! don’t tell anyone)…

24 Replies to “I thought I was feeling a bit mental…”

  1. Did you spot Jupiter sidling up to the moon in the last week… so bright I thought it was Mars or Venus until corrected by a more erudite friend. Apparently it’s a good omen for surfers… 😉

    1. I missed that astronomically occurence. I expect I was being distracted by random sleep patterns and nocturnal code meanderings.
      (erudite? you can get a cream for that I think…)

  2. Okay when everybody has finished playing with all the little boxes can you all go and do something useful somewhere? Thanks…

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