15 Replies to “I would have bought this jacket…”

  1. I was too distracted by the lovely lines of the upper arm of the photographer!!
    Actually if you had taken a step to the left and up a bit your reflection could be wearing the jacket with the slogan on the front. Not sure thats helpful – just an observation really. I think i better go now……x

  2. Why thank you Insideoutey. They are my best features (especially when seen as a faint reflection in a shop window) x

    Hey Nursie – I wouldn’t associate you with such a word. Your spank me T is way classier!

    I’ve never come across an arse with bench or juicy scribed upon it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to…

    Archie you are as much a lesbian as my father is. If that’s any consolation.

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