I’d like to thank…

Well I’d like to thank my family first – my mother obviously for creating and nurturing me into the man that I am today and for not forcing me to breastfeed into my teens as that would no doubt have caused much trauma in later life. My brother for only throwing one dart into a major artery when I was a frail child and teaching me how to lie down when being slightly beaten so that I learnt respect for my elders and biggers.
Of course I’d like to thank my father so if anyone has his address…

I was voted ‘blog of the day’ on fuelmyblog today (coincidentally on one of the few days that I didn’t vote for myself!) and also became a moderator on their fantastic forum – so any hanky panky on there and I’ll have you banned before you can say ‘floccinauccinihilipilification’.

So I’d like to say ta very much to all and sundry that clicked my widget – may you keep clicking mine and I’ll keep clicking yours… grrr

(I will award myself a loverly badge with ‘blog of the day’ on it but I have to draw one first!)

I didn’t surf today. Except in my tiny mind.


  1. Congratulations for being a really big blogger. If anyone is interested there will be on the Daddy-of-them-all Papersurfer Blog tomorrow, a little more information about darts in legs and other fun games we used to play………widgets……pah!

  2. Cheers Paula – you really deserve that car. Where do I sign?
    Ta Lizza – (nice holiday snaps btw) – party’s at my house. I just have to put on a roof, change the floors, the doors, the windows, build a bathroom, a kitchen and do the wiring and plumbing and I’ll call you…

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