I’d take the train…

As we all know commuting to work adds a certain drudgery to the day’s proceedings; the stuffy, crowded train carriage where you rattle to work with your head lodged into somebody’s armpit. Or the freeway that’s become a carpark in the mid-summer sun, roasting your mind into a gelatinous despair.

My commute passes through the Serra de Lousã. A staggeringly beautiful road that winds through lost valleys, past ancient castles, forgotten villages and sails under the churning shadows of giant wind turbines. On the right day, in the right frame of mind it can fill you with awe, inspiration and even lift you into a spiritual state.

Or all those bends and sheer drops into oblivion can really get on your tits and make you wish that somebody would just knock down all of those stupid mountains and rubbish old buildings and build a freeway…


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