If it doesn’t fit…


…don’t force it.

Japanese watermelon manufacturers have developed a way of fitting a round peg into a square hole – making refrigerator use just a little more efficient.

Personally I feel if an orifice is the wrong shape then no amount of genetically enhanced lubrification will ease a peg’s passage…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. here here, well said. I have boxed him around the ears once or twice in the past too, so dont take all the blame DP.

    Penfold – looks like you had a wonderful time, some really beautiful photos. Hope you squirrels can work out a way to live in the same tree. xxxx

  2. Hi Timbo – I was sort of hoping nobody would notice. Oh well…

    Miss UDH – everybody keeps telling me thats not a real word. Obviously they are all idiots (especially DP) xxx

    DP – try doing a post without LoTG assisting your spelling and grammar…

  3. i have many thoughts on this subject,best left for the grindstone me thinks.when you back schnookums?
    i will be back in flymagrera friday,meanwhile in the imortal words of jfk ich bien ein berliner.

  4. AD – you old hound dog you. Berlin eh? What takes you there? A love of culture and history I expect. See you at the weekend…

    Bye Ma. Maybe if you kick Dad in the shins he won’t be so bored…? xxx

    (Tango got home OK btw)

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