If you like worms…

off the lip

…then get up early.

I surfed today.


  1. A bird in the hand AD – that’s all I have to say (and I’ll have no mention of bushes round here).

    You just keep bewildering Mr Wells.

    Tango(grrr) – just looked at the water temperatures round your way – I believe my worm will be chilled.
    (Too excited to pack – gonna come over with no clothes if that’s okay)

  2. I suppose if you travel naked it would save time going through the security checks at the airport. Just take something to sit on…. for all our sakes.

    There’s a rumour that Lisbon Airport is running out of aviation fuel. Are you going to be able to leave?

  3. Sorry sister.

    Ma – I heard that rumour too… Pfft I say. Tsk and piffle – this is the 21st century. Etc blah blah whtever. Well I do hope they don’t…. see you tomorrow x

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