I’m 2 years old…

…well not me but Papersurfer is.

According to various statcounters I’ve had over 65,000 visitors, written nearly 300 posts, had over 3000 comments and caught nearly 4500 pieces of spam.

To be fair most of those stats are from Daddy P (you have no idea how many times I’ve marked him as spam – but he keeps coming back).

I’d just like to send a big wet bloggy kiss to anyone that wants one and say cheers for spending time here.

I didn’t surf today. (Tango went back to Canada yesterday  – boo (to turn the gas off and let the cat out apparently) but she’ll be coming home soon – yay).

PS – If anyone wants to see any really early posts from before the days of WordPress when I used to handcode everything (including the birth of Daddy Papersurfer) there is now a link in the sidebar.


  1. Congrats Pen…. 2 years wow!…sadly you made one major error …you let DP lose in blogsphere, never mind I shall not hold that against you….

    Cheers (clink!).. bottoms up and all that ..here is to the future years/ posts / comments and brilliant web designs

  2. Happy Blogiversary! So very glad i stumbled upon you in the Big Blogger house, through my friend bobzyeruncle! And you led me to my gorgeous, equally devilish, australian sister, nursemyra! Thanks for that, too!

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