I’m sure I had a board…

I'm sure I had a board....

(unknown looking surprised at Supertubos)

Supertubos is a feisty wave even when it’s a few feet high. I sat on the beach and watched a few people getting spanked this morning and got a few nice pics too.

I’ve surfed Supertubos a few times and had my best barrel ever just up the beach towards Molho Leste but today I left it to the younger and bendier to challenge themselves. Feeling a bit creaky today I was happy just watching the show from the beach.

Having said that a couple of hours later I paddled out at Baleal to an overhead peak and caught a loverly wave or two myself. Now I feel even creakier…

…time for a siesta I think. Oh yes – my life can be hard but somebody has to live it.

I surfed today.


  1. Are you using a tripod? Even I have to say that is tres bonne [and the others as well].
    He looks as though he’s wearing a monocle and the port was served at the wrong temperature.

  2. Great snap. Which is why I tend not to use a tripod and accept the wobbles. Right place, right time and a moveable camera! Again – Great snap!
    [wanders off full of envy]

  3. Checked and submitted. xxx

    Tweeny – indeed. Just bracing himself for a saltwater enema…

    Thankyou Archie. Always good to accept your wobbles when they come…

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