Ingredients for a fine weekend…


1 x big car (4×4 if possible)

1576 x kilometre

3 x surfboard (different shapes and sizes)

7 x surf spot (mix with varying waves)

1 x bottle Bretagne cider, 1 x bottle Absolut vodka (+ several x hangover)

Unknown quantity food and chocolate (varying qualities acceptable)

Good company – best to include 1 x AD,  1 x mad German and 3 x gorgeous blonde Dutch girl (different shapes and sizes if available)

Shake vigorously over several days and then sit back and enjoy the memories.


  1. I fall short( ok way many, I am not Dutch (different shapes and sizes I could do!), I don’t drive a 4×4, the only surfing I do is on line etc) on a couple of the ingredients but Absolute & a banana split are a fav.

  2. Lizza – the thought never crossed my mind. I’m sure she would be the first to encourage recreation of any sort.
    DP – indeed. Must try harder…
    Ms Teen – banana split and Absolut together…?
    KPX – if you mean by Libertine that I am a ‘freethinker in matters of religion’ then obviously that’s an affirmative!

  3. “Ms Teen – banana split and Absolut together…?”

    Now there’s an idea?? Off on my hols soon so maybe it is advisable to try it where no one knows me!!!

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