Introducing the Green Bullet…

the green bullet...

…not a grass hued, speed orientated doer of daring deeds but my new harmonica microphone. Coupled with my new Fender ’59 Bassman valve amp simulation pedal I can now sound like a genuine bluesy type person wah wahing my way into the night….

I’ve posted another audible offering for your aural delectation. It’s my first attempt at live sounds over some beats on Cubase. Forgive the levels – it’s just a test mix…

D-trip 1st draft (just click play)

I didn’t surf today.


  1. You are welcome Pen. Every Monday is shite (oh and the rest of the days in the week I have to spend in there…. ) … but at least I now have time in the day to plan and plot stuff I would rather do πŸ˜‰

  2. This is smokin’ hot – both the music and the technology! One of my guitar playin buds trotted out this at our last jam session. Great stuff (but he doesn’t need me singing back up harmony any more…)

  3. I was just going to say something about levels and then re-read your post …… luckily I didn’t say anything. It would be interesting to p.s. the post when you’ve adjusted them, so we can do a comparison. Carry on ……….

  4. Thank you Twinny… x

    Smokin’ hot Ms Daisy? Why thank you (that link seems to have been hijacked by Digitech btw). I need a vocalist if you’re ever passing…

  5. i could never master guitar and harmonica at the same time – tried the ‘neck stand’ and it just never worked for me. and duct taping it to my face lost the ‘cool’ factor! did you do the ‘blues in E’ as one take, or 2 tracks? i’m impressed either way…

  6. Thanks Dad – encouraging as ever. Any positive feedback at all…?

    Neck stands are rubbish – you end up sounding like a drunken cowboy and who wants one of those? So definitely different tracks. Ta very much…

  7. ‘It would be interesting to p.s. the post when youÒ€ℒve adjusted them, so we can do a comparison’ – that was an encouragement wasn’t it?

    Anyway about me – I’ve just got a Blog of the Day Award – is this a good thing? I see you’ve got one so must know. Where do they come from?

  8. Hi Penfold…today I have had the IT chap fiddling with La Laptop…cos she was sloooow…so now he’s gone and I found this lovely piece by you…how delightful it’s really cheered me up…you are so very talented , can’t possibly be a Daddy P trait…;-) x x x

  9. drunken cowboy? neil young? digitech makes the vocal harmonizer – demo here. Mechanical, odd? But perfect harmonies. i prefer the social side of a jam session. Jamming with yourself makes hair grow on the palms…

  10. Hey BT – glad I could be of assistance! Don’t be so hasty to judge DP – he has several talents. Probably. He’s just waiting to blossom…

  11. Oooops …am I in the doghouse…REALLY sorry Daddy P πŸ™ I know you’re very talented …you must be …you can create a blog…. x x x x

  12. dddddduuuudddeeeee!
    ya playing the blues with out me?!!!!
    ok thanks!
    so i can stay in fu*** rainy germaland! nice!
    by the way, i m getting fat! i m looking like your fat-skategay-friend, just with less hairs. oh were is this dog-punsher? in england, selling chocolate to old ladys? :))))))))))
    my fly is booked, on the 2 of march i gona be back in sagres.
    do you heard from fatum?
    that´s big fu*** !!!
    i just lost in the fire half of my stuff, 3 surfboards, 1 big travel-boardbag, books, clothes, kitchen-stuff and more.
    i feal very sorry for gero!
    see ya,
    sir el dudelrinjo

  13. Just practising till you return El Dudo…
    You fat? Excellent I can’t wait to give you a big squidgy hug! I might have to come down for a quick surf in March then…
    I did hear about Fatum (for non-Portuguese surfer types our friend/shaper Gero had a surf board factory called Fatum that burned to the ground a couple of weeks ago – very tragic). Really sucks – hope Gero and everyone will be okay….
    Soon El Duderinjo x

  14. Are you posting v.2? I think even DaddyP will praise your audible offering …

    PS: Hey, where’s my mixed tape?

    PPS: That November is a total hussy …

  15. I’m about to post it Ms Bravo. Although praise from the Old Git may be hard to come by…

    PS Working on it.

    PPS So I hear. Can’t wait to meet her…

  16. hey dudelringo
    im gonna smack them legs and give you a chinese burn when i see you,and its about time you eat a cake or 3.
    see you soon for a shranz n shranz

  17. AD & Dudelrinjo …. can you 2 argue the toss on your own website. Or I’ll come round and smack both your legs…

    BB – surely not being able to play the spoons is a good thing…?

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