Introducing the micro novel

I was going to write a post introducing a list of the best micro novels currently in progress on the internet. These are works of fiction presented in tiny chunks of text via a micro-blogging platform such as Twitter or Facebook. A seemingly brilliant notion that panders to the world’s attention deficit disorder. No rambling monologues or indigestible diatribe. Just plot and dialogue in pieces so small even my father could digest them.

I googled around (I love a good googling on a Friday evening) but was unable to find anything appropriate. A few authors are releasing mini teaser series on facebook to get people hooked before sending them to Amazon but no purpose built micro novels. Fear not, oh reader with miniscule attention span, you can feed your peeny hunger pangs with the latest micro-blog-buster from the Penfold Crockett house of very small publications…

The Dead Monkey Society has just started on Facebook featuring the intrepid Sam Phoenix (I chose FB as the base platform so I can do some illustrations occasionally) you can also check updates on Twitter (@samuelphoenix).

If anybody knows any micro-novels currently in progress please leave a link in the comments below…

I didn’t surf today. A clown just got murdered…


  1. Wot a pretty piccy. (Must have your psyche analysed.)

    My whole life is a micro novel – there is no link to that. Is this going to come out as a blockbuster one day?

    1. Bit late for analysis I reckon. I’m fairly sure this won’t make it into print – it’s designed as a multimedia experience. Wait for the video clues… x

  2. The premise sounds interesting, but I can’t quite wrap my head around it yet. It’s like flash fiction, but less…or more?

    Doesn’t a novel, any novel, require a beginning, middle, and end? Apologies for my obtuseness, the grey brain cells have gone AWOL again…

    1. It’s a bit like that but less and more. It has a beginning (the first micro chapter) lots of middles (all the ones after that) and then a final one eventually. And probably thankfully.

      Brain cells? Completely unnecessary at this juncture… x

    1. You can click on the large picture above that has the blood and skull on it or the words ‘The Dead Monkey Society’ at the start of the 3rd paragraph. I hope you enjoy…

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