It seems like just yesterday…

…but it was exactly one year ago that I posted my first blog entry.

It’s a strange way to punctuate your life but in some ways it seems more noteworthy than a birthday these days (or maybe I’m just ignoring those). It’s the first time that my activities have ever been documented and with a flick of the mouse I can recall any moment in the last 12 months.

Of course there have been many glaring omissions – I was very hesitant at first to mention matters of consequence – I brushed briefly past the death of my best friend last year and my mothers minor heart attack last Christmas. These coupled with a grinding ‘divorce’ from Dylan’s mother instigated a bout of stress that left me passing out in a supermarket car park (and a dear friends kitchen floor) and a vocal stammer that still rears it’s head when my days get hard. I guess I figured that nobody would want to read about the shitty parts of my life and levity and benign witticisms were the best approach. Of course for the most part they are but every now and then it has to be a good thing to open up.

For me the best parts are the new people in my life – getting to know a whole cross section of the universe in everybody’s comments boxes has been wonderful. Some of the relationships have gone beyond that and some real friendships are starting to evolve. Of course there are the family connections which are somewhat surreal and catching up with a few old friends has been a nice surprise…

On the whole my year has been fantastic – I’ve surfed waves of all different shapes and sizes and fallen off plenty more. I’ve been incarcerated in a virtual Big Blogger house and mybloghasbeenfuelled galore. Not forgetting of course the plentitude of lovely work stuff – sweating in the sun and soaking in the rain – drilling with drills and hammering with hammers. I’ve played some bluesy music and drunk some fruity cocktails. I’ve danced funkily and I’ve sung loudly (and probably badly). I even thought I’d fallen in love for a brief moment in time and saw a glimpse of hope for the future. Every day I’ve spent with Dylan I fell in love with him a thousand times over and know the planet may stand a chance…

I’d like to say hi to Lizza, Lucy, Nancy, Marny, Douglas, Paula, Olly, Mell, Jen, Sylvie, Cal, Kevin, Ma, Pa and all the others that have been playing so nicely. I hope I’ve added something to the blogosphere – I’ve certainly gained from it – thanks everybody…

I didn’t surf today. Apparently it was shite anyway (woo hoo)…


  1. Awww shucks, Pen….

    Congrats on One Year. (where does the time go…?) Thanks to Paula….for directing me to your site. Been a real pleasure….looking forward to another year. xo

  2. Nicely worded. Happy blogiversary and may you continue for many more years! Your description of surfing reminded me of life in general. Even if I’m “new” here, I enjoy reading you and hope to keep on going.

    Funny how the internet can bring strangers together and you knows, maybe become friends… something I never thought blogging would do for me. 🙂

  3. Happy Blog Birthday to you Pen

    Your posts are fabulous, well written and it is always a joy to follow your adventures in Surfugal.
    The way you have expressed your life over the last 12 months (albeit I have not read the majority of it after only being introduced to here by Bill Blunt in April)is obviously akin to writing a diary, great to look back on and to realise how much you have achieved but above all what difficulties you have dealt with. Be proud.

    Thanks to DP (don’t tell him 😉 )I found myself popping in here and I do hope you blog long and prosper x

  4. Awww… Happy Blogirthday, you youngster you. xx

    Yep- the darker stuff can go in. You certainly have my blessing. Get it out when it’s bad – it’s cheaper than therapy – and brag/boast/blather/beam when it’s good. In fact, do it in bold or CAPS if you have to! 🙂
    Good to know you (and your kooky dad)!

    Oh, thought I’d mention: you never know who might be reading your posts– Neil and I fell in love with each other’s writing via blogs and I moved 4000 miles to be his wife. It all started with some harmless comment flirting! Watch yourself, tiger. 😉

  5. hey there mr. penfold!! 😉

    happy blogday to you… gosh!! its already a year? and for me it’s only 3 months and 5 days. 😉

    i guess i’m just a baby-blogger in this blogsphere world. yup, yup!! i haven’t thought that blogging brings people together. and, i’m surely loving it, every seconds!

    love your babbly-bloggy-thingy, and hope more years to come! good one! and i will be definitely come in twirling by, every day, i hope…

    happy blogday to you once again! take care!!

    good nite & kisses to everyone! *special twirly motion for penfold BIG day* 😉

  6. Dear Papersurfer ……that is a truly masterful piece. I am new to all this blogging but I have truly enjoyed all your writing. I have come to the conclusion though with this wonderful thing we call “Life” that it is how we pick ourselves up after the bad moments that makes us “successful”. I wish you a very eventful and happy ‘New Year’ and look forwards to more treasures from your soul. And it is the celtic New Year today too….very pagan but hey……. x x x

  7. Thanks Twinny – I knew it had to be Paula’s fault! It’s been good to know that there’s somebody out there that doesn’t need surf translations… x

    Cheers Stinkypaw – the internet has kept me sane up here in the mountains. Keeping connections going is great – no offence to letters but they’re rubbish! (Although if anybody wants to write one to me that would be lovely)

    Hey Tweeny. I must remember to thank my father for so many things. Thank you for giving him as much grief as I do… x

    Hi Jen – I know – I’m so young and fresh. Your and Neil are a fairytale of Blogland. Maybe one day the same will happen for me…

    Thanks Baby. You have been the twirliest visitor in the whole twirly world. Luckily I have a twirly chair so I can twirl whilst typing…

    Thank you BT. The day of the dead is a big deal over here – the whole country stops to remember their family and friends that have passed on. It’s something that seems to have been left out of the English calendar which is a shame.
    I’m still waiting to read your first blog post – come on – what could possibly go wrong?

  8. That was quite a blog! I am proud to be related to you and really think we should catch up for a few beers next time you are around. Time is whizzing by (our babies are nearly 8)!!!! So far we only catch up a funerals, which is totally shite, (although we always have good funerals)! So I think we should make the effort, what do you reckon? x

  9. Penfold….it’s because my blogsite is not yet ‘built’ (is that the correct term to use?). Twas misterwoppit who said I HAD to have a blog site …otherwise I was just spam….ME SPAM… cheeky tike…anyway as I am a tad computer illiterate I have been left fending for myself …misterwoppit is no where to be seen….But I will get there and my stories are gathering in a field in my head……

  10. Okay Nursie – it’s a deal. Corsets? Grrrr….

    Hey CousinPapersurfer – thankyou kindly. I expect me and the boy will be in dear old Blighty over the festive season so we shall sort that out when I get there…

    BT – don’t take any of that grouch’s nonsense. If you need any help email me and I will endeavour to assist. I’ve set up a couple of the freebie wordpress blogs and they seem to be fairly bomb proof…

    Upsidedowney – I absolutely agree. Thankyou kindly – I look very good for a one year old! Hugs and stuff… x

  11. I love your blog, you have found a great balance in conveying your emotions. While you have kept “things” away you have also been very open and it feels very genuine. At times when I read your posts, I wished I could give you a hug.
    You are a good man 😉

  12. What a lovely heartfelt post, P. It’s been a year already? My, time does fly. I love your gently sarcastic wit, the pictures, and the way you and words seem to have an S&M relationship sometimes. Oh, and your grin (if I haven’t mentioned that before). Also, those thumbs sound really promising.

    I’m glad to have “met” you, and thanks (I think) for leading me to other great blogs, including DP’s, Nursemyra’s, Paula’s, and so many more.

    Hi back to you, and keep on writing!

  13. Thank you kindly sir are a true gentleman….any one who was born in april just HAS to be good…..(I read all your stories from the start date…so happy B’day for the big one last april) I am setting aside some time this w/end to have a look at Blogville….watch this space and bugger to the woppit!!!!

  14. Thank you Sylvie -I’ll take that virtual hug anytime…

    Hi Lizza – I shall be attacking that cake without the use of cutlery or indeed my hands… (ooh hang on we’re on MSN too so I shall stop typing here)

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