I’ve surfed twice today already….

kid surfing

… so I may have to go in again later. Times are hard…

I surfed today. Warm water, palm trees and Tango waiting for me on the veranda. Yay.

(photo is a local kid at Hikkaduwa ripping it up in the shorebreak – very nice…)


  1. hope you kids are behaving yourselves,and taking the advised protection sun cream funny shaped baloons etc.and if you get caught out in the sun take shade under the great osram. oh yeah i finally got some.

  2. hey sharky you old surf dogg happy birthday 40! your catching me up!.
    hows that huwj doing all green hairy and ovoid i should imagine. hope alls well and keep on havin fun

  3. Thank you everybody – we’re having a loverly time. A strange and interesting land to spend your birthday in…

    I’ve had some waves, a large fruity cocktail and nearly been killed by a dozen tuk-tuks so all is good.

    I expect I’ll post some photos tomorrow. xxx

    (PS – AD I need details)

  4. happy birthday surferboy. hope you and tango have survived the local traffic and are having a splendid time out there. You are a interesting and a bit strange too mountain man so sounds like a good place for your ‘life begins’ bit as they say. Sorry missed you on way out, would love to try again on return if possible…? big loves xxxx

  5. well i didnt go to rio!but i hit the big time bonanza in berlin,debriefing (he he)on your return.
    the 58 connection worked in 2 days whoop whoop,

  6. Sorry this is late…been a bit busy…. but hope you had a really good Birthday full of gorgeous things…..;-) Stay happy x x x x

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