Just because you’re better than me…

lars' fish...

…doesn’t mean I’m lazy*.

2009 is drawing to an end – the clouds keep rolling in and the chlorophyll is slowly draining from the deciduous trees across the valley. It’s been a strange summer – a constant battle with ‘awkward’ clients that ended somewhat sourly and abruptly at 4.25 on a Wednesday afternoon. I feel my summer has been wasted – our own house has been put on hold and my wave count this year has been dismal – the only saving grace would have been financial gain. Unfortunately ‘withheld payments’ have dulled that particular silver lining…

Fortunately my heroine has been here to hold my aching head and sit with me in dark corners. She has the perfect knack of when to talk and when to not – so very much more important than some gaudy gold taps or cramming a giant widescreen TV into a tiny cottage (although DP may disagree with that!).

I didn’t surf today but the WCT circus is in Peniche right now and I seem to have some free time…

* lyrics by Billy Bragg – ‘to have and have not’ from the album ‘Life’s a riot with spy vs spy’ circa 1983. Surfboard decoration by El Duderinjo circa 2009.

17 Replies to “Just because you’re better than me…”

  1. “Fidel Castro’s brother spies a rich lady who’s crying over luxury’s disappointment
    So he walks over and he’s trying to sympathize with her but thinks that he should warn her that the Third World is just around the corner…”

    billy bragg. it’s what’s for supper… Stuff is highly over-rated…

    1. I’m going to take all my stuff to the recycling depot and wander the Earth. Like Cain in Kung Fu…

      (Just need to load up my ipod and recharge my DSLR)

      (Oh and wash some pants)

  2. i think you should make Tango project manager and accounts director for your next job – she kicks ass 😉
    most of our clients are ‘awkward’ – we just get pissed and put the stereo on VERY loud most times. It doesnt improve our finances but it does improve our mood 🙂

    1. ‘Ass’? Isn’t that a kind of donkey? I believe we Brits call it an ‘arse’. And yes she certainly does.

      I’m just considering the alcohol and stereo technique. Best get the school run out of the way first though… x

  3. As your cottage is rather tiny, I think you should forego the gold taps and the giant widescreen TV. You need to keep some room for your collection of miniature porcelain spaniels.

  4. You’re lucky to be ABLE TO WASH PANTS. THE WASHING MACHINE’S GONE UP THE SPOUT NOW. Tally so far: fridge/freezer (won’t freeze), washing machine (won’t spin), microwave display panel (won’t display), shower head (falling off), hire car lock (won’t), laminate floor (de-laminating), light switches falling off the wall. OH, AND WE CAN’T GET CHANNEL 4 AND 5.

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