Kelly Slater – man or mountain?

This post serves no purpose whatsoever. I just needed to test the new theme that I’ve been tweaking into existence for several days. It’s main aim was to have a big photo at the top followed by several small ones underneath and all would appear to be well.

One (as a reasonable judge of all things internetty) might assume that this simple action would be the merest flick of a php loop and a stealthy fiddle with some cascading style sheets. But malheureusement, it has been a mammoth flounder in the underbelly of the beast that is WordPress and a quest beyond all zones that are even slightly comfortable. All is done and now we can sit back in our squeaky office chair, have a small but pleasing swivel and gaze at the beauty that is Kelly. My that man has form…

I didn’t surf today. (More surfing action at my flickr pages…)


  1. Yep, it’s working.
    Nice pic, Penfold. That giant marshmallow in the sea behind Kelly . . . ?? Is it an Act of God? It would feed five thousand as a BBQ dessert, following sardine sarnies. We were at Guincho two days ago and the Lisbon Surf School pitched up late in the afternoon to provide entertainment 🙂

    I reckon that theme of yours is a winner. Nice touch, the Papersurfer logo behind and left, and the cute Volksat the end. Like it!

    1. Thank you kindly Mr B. The giant marshmallow is like Rover from ‘The Prisoner’ – if the competitor strays out of the competition zone he gets painfully eradicated…

  2. ‘flicking your PHP loop’ a ‘Stealthy fiddle’ and a ‘pleasing swivel’ I didnt know this was an adult website. I Expect you will be grooming me soon as your such an old bloke, and me just a young man in the prime of his youth. I shall be contacting the Daily Mail and my MP shortly.

    PS I taught Slater everything he knows

    1. Another one of your flimsy disguises eh Noah? Why don’t you man up and comment under your real name? Or are you afraid the public can’t handle the true story of one man’s plight in the absence of surfing skills?

      1. My cunning disguise fails once again to fool the midget sleuth of Portugal Sherlock Gnomes. Fortunatley my lack of surfing skills are more than made up for by my dashing good looks, witty banter and chisled manly profile.

        1. I bet you wish your profile had been a bit more chiselled. Still, at least it casts a shadow over the man-fluff on your top lip.

          Have I told you lately that I love you…?

  3. It certainly worked Kelly; you looked like a Hollywood star in surfing action! I think your theme is simple but neat not too much drama into it but simple is always good. I hope to see more surfing action in your photos soon!

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