Kelly Slater wins World Championship Tour 2011

As Kelly Slater wins an unprecedented 11th world surfing title at the Rip Curl Search event in San Francisco, hope for all middle aged, balding men surely has to augment. This achievement is above and beyond any other athlete in modern sporting history – okay, he’s a freak of nature that’s been training his entire life for this moment and we are all mere humans that have to sit down to put on our socks in the morning. But there’s still a tiny glimmer…

The photo above is a sequence shot I took a few weeks ago when he was getting all boingy and surfy at the Portuguese event.

You can view the rest of the album here.

I didn’t surf today. It’s only 22 foot today on the west coast and my mini-gun is in the workshop with a couple of dings…


  1. I will never sit down to put on my socks, that’s why they invented flip flops (obviously we are retiring to a slightly warmer climate …) x

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