Last leaves….

last leaves

I just found this in the depths of my hard drive – I took it at the end of last year in Brigg (near sunny Scunthorpe). It was a real cold night and nearly pitch black. Quite impressed that my little Canon caught it at all…

Not sure why I posted it – just seemed to sum up how I’m feeling this evening.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Now you’re making me feel really rotten. There was I and the terrible Goddess, I mean Kitchen Papersurfer, out at the theatre last night, having a wonderful time, and there was you publishing pictures of the end of a broomstick.

    I’ll tickle your bomb to cheer you up – now don’t get the giggles and pee your pants.

  2. You went out? Without permission? You wild and crazy fools….
    I can’t wait – I’m so excited – please somebody calm me down – please……. *snore*

  3. Thanks Nursie – I like the way it came out so grainy which is a very hard effect to achieve !(unless you use a rubbish camera like I did….)

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