Liquid silver…

This part of the Portuguese coast is called the ‘Costa de Prata’ or the silver coast. This is because when the sky is overcast the sea looks like it’s made from liquid silver – but when I paddled out into the middle of Baleal bay this morning the sky was so dark from the looming storm clouds it looked like a seething mass of molten black glass.


Unfortunately the incoming swell didn’t match the ferocity of the sky, but the only surfable peak was empty and the 5 mile stretch of beach was all mine.

I caught a few playful lefts, a couple even held me for a turn or two, with plenty of time between sets to drift back out to the peak. The rain started for a while bombing oversized drops into the black water – but soon gave up as the sun started to push the storm aside.

I spotted a small battallion of German surf students doing formation crouching and jogging on the beach – obviously warming up to invade my privacy and decided that maybe it was time to go and have breakfast…

I surfed today. I might surf twice.

Just in case anyone missed the link to my fathers post during yesterdays ‘Papersurfer powercut’ (and to stop him sulking) he has written a cross blog.


  1. I can’t help it…….I’m very sensitive…………and very old…………but I try not to be a burden

  2. Dad – I am so sorry. For everything…
    Lucy – my powercut was localised to my laptop and the mysterious workings of WordPress.
    Nursemyra – not sure I shall smell their urine when I get the chance!

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